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What should I do when my internet connection is slow?

Wireless internet connection problems can be caused by several issues. For example another device ( router, microwave, wireless media center, hot spot etc.) might interfere with your router's settings as they use the same WiFi channel. To fix this kind of problem you can log in to the router's site  to change the WiFi channel (here you can change the wireless connection's SSID and its password).

If you have Technicolor or Ubee modem, you can open the router's site by typing into the address bar. To log in use ’admin’ as the router’s default username and password. Select Wireless to change the channel of the wireless connection.

In this menu you can also change the SSID. To change SSID’s password select Security on the left and type your new password in Passphrase.

If you have a Connect Box, you can open the router's site by typing into the address bar. To log in type the Setting password, which can be found at the bottom of modem. To change the WIFI channel select advanced settings on the left and tick the Manual box.

Find Advanced Settings/Wireless/Security to change your WiFi connection name (SSID) and/or its password.

Resetting your modem to its factory defaults can fix slow connection speeds. To reset your modem press and hold the reset button for 15-20 seconds, then release it. The reset button is found on the router’s back. (Technicolor, Ubee, Connect Box) If you successfully reset the modem, it will reboot approximately for 10-15 minutes.

The modem will restart in the default settings, now you can proceed with changing its settings by following the steps above.

Self-installation instructions

These installation guides found below provide technical instructions on how to install your device (cabelmodem, mediabox, mediacard) yourself. Download the corresponding file from here:

How many digital channels has foreign languages?

The following languages are available in our digital packages: English, Czech, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Slovenian and Italian. Some channels has additional subtitles like: Romanian, Greek, Turkish, Swedish, Polish and Hebrew.

To find out more about the available channel languages, click here or go to our digital extra packages, where you can also find more information about the Vilag and Europe packages.



How can I pay my UPC bills online?

Online billing makes it easy to see your latest bill. You no longer need to wait for your bill to arrive by post. Manage your bills online and use electronic payment methods. It's secure, quick and easy and Eco-friendly.

Bank card payment online
You can pay your bill with a credit or debit card. It's secure, quick and easy.

  • Comfortable, you can even arrange your payment from home.
  • Free of charge, so there are no additional charges.
  • Compared to traditional payment methods, UPC becomes aware of an earlier date for balancing the debt.

There are two ways to use the online bank card payment option:
Without having My UPC Profile or, through your My UPC Profile.
If you don't have My UPC Profile, you can register in here.

Bank card payment by phone
Direct payment at UPC billing and debt collection team with a credit or debit card. It's secure, quick and easy.

  • Most efficient method, to arrange your payments instantly
  • You can make a payment arrangement with our billing and debt collection
  • Free of charge, so there are no additional charges.
    (During workdays between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. call +36 1 798 88 88 /normal land line rate/)
  • You save time - after the activation of the service you no longer have to run such errands

To change direct debit please contact our customer service and we will send you the necessary document to apply. You can download an empty document from here.

Provide your missing details, sign it, and take it to your bank branch personally.

Mobile Payment
iCsekk is a simple, fast and comfortable way to pay your bills. You do not need anything else than a mobile phone with camera and to the QR code what you can find on the invoice.
The application is available on Google Play and Apple iTunes.

OTP ATMs are suitable for credit or debit card payments- it means about more than 2 000 ATM's across the country Free of charge. You will need your UPC account number and the amount of the payment.

Money transfer
UPC Magyarország Kft. provides a unique bank account number for each of their customers. To find out what is yours click here, or look for it in your invoice, or you can check it in your My UPC Profile as well.

If you want to make money transfer from an external bank account, you need the datas below:

  • International bank account number:
  • IBAN: HU67 1040 2142 4957 5452 5748 1037 at K&H BANK
  • Swift Code: OKHBHUHB
  • Beneficiary's name: UPC Magyarország Kft

When you choose bank transfer, please do not forget to note your 10 digit customer number into the comment line.

Direct Debit
The most comfortable and easiest way to pay your bill is done by using Direct Debit. Choose a completely automatic operation for your bill payments. With this option according to an order given to your account holding financial institution, your bills will be automatically settled on a monthly basis.

What should I know about the invoice content?


Personal offers and advertising
If you agreed it on your data protection statement.


Billing address
The address where you are using the services.


Total Due
This is the total amount owed for the services listed on the invoice, including any account arrears. This amount must be paid by the due date to avoid late payment penalties.


Payment Due date
This is the date until we have to receive the payment. If you have direct debit, we will take the money on this day.


Payment Methods
The pictogram shows what kind of payment method you have. Also you can see our bank account details. By money transfer please write the customer number to the comment line. If you would like to change your payment method, please call 1221.


Important information about bill payment
The writing in the grey box contains important information about bill payment, please read it attentively.


Customer Identification Number
It is required for any administration. You have to type it in your telephone when you call us, when you shop online or for bank transfer and this number is needed when you will register on as well. Always use the full ID, with all zeros located on the front.


Contact information
Here are the ways you can contact us.


QR code
For mobile Payment please read this code with your device.
For more information:


Invoice information
Invoice No. - this number uniquely identifies the invoice, Date of issue, Billing period - your billing cycle starts and ends on the same date every month.


Invoice issuer
A UPC Magyarország Kft. official details.


Customer name and service address
The name of the subscriber and the address where the services are provided.


Cash transfer by post office
If you choose this kind of payment, you will find this „Csekk” with the due date.


More information

What should I need to know if my service from UPC Magyarország is restricted?

In case of service restriction, you will not be able to do the following:

  • For VoIP, you can't start an outbound call from your phone (except 1221 or emergency lines)
  • For digital TV, only limited channels are available and for internet, the speed is reduced to 64/64 kbit/sec.

You should know!
Reduced monthly fee has been charged instead of the full monthly fee during the restriction.

If you didn't receive an invoice at the usual time or just lost it, please, let us know as soon as possible!
If an extra invoice copy requested after the payment due date, a one time fee will be charged, which will be shown on the next monthly invoice.
When the service has been restricted there will be a one time fee which will be charge on the next month's invoice as Collection Restore.
If you receive the invoice online, you can check it anytime on your My UPC or Díjnet account.

In that case if you are certain that you can't settle the amount before the restriction starts, please contact us so our colleagues will find the best option for you.

Phone number: +361 798 88 88
Open hours: on business days 8AM to 8PM

When you are talking to one of our colleague they will ask your personal data to match it with the ones in our system. If those are correct they will tell you your options.

In all cases, please be aware that our accounting system is not currently managing payments online. As a result, accounting periods can be divided into two large groups.

  • Electronic payment methods (bank transfer, credit card payments, ATM payments) with 1-2 business days after the book keeping.
  • Non-electronic payment methods (check payments) with 4 business days of accounting.

You should know that at holidays and vacations the booking time will be longer!
In case of a limitation the restriction will be restore within 72 hours.

For a Convenience Limit Prize - a one time fee 1000 HuF - the subscriber may require to make the reconnection sooner than the designated time interval.
The reconnection fee is 3300 HUF!

What should I do when my services from UPC are restricted, because I forgot to pay my bills?

Before the services are being restricted a notification email is sent, which inform you, that if you do not pay the bill until the defined time, the service will be restricted.

To receive this email, please check if we have the right email address by calling our customer care, going to one of our shop or through your My UPC Profile.

You should know that if you pay the bill after it is restricted, (it will take) few days until it accounted in UPC systems and shown on your account. If you pay it online, it will take 1-2 workdays delay, but if you pay by cheque it may take 4 workdays.

If the services are restricted we will still bill you a restriction service fee, but this is less than the normal service fee. You can request instalment if you cannot pay the whole amount at once. To request this instalment, please call our collection team: +36 1 798 88 88.

If the services are restricted and you pay the debit, on the next month you will be find a onetime reconnection fee.

What should I need to know before I want to cancel my services from UPC Magyarország?

If you have fixed-term subscription, you can give it to another person, who willingly takes it over with the fixed-term continuously. This can be on the same address or another one where our services are available.

If you can't find anyone who will take over your subscription and the only option is cancellation, please call us on 1221 or go to the nearest shop. If you choose the shop, bring the devices with you,and the subscription will be cancelled that day and you only need to wait for the last bill, which you will receive the next cycle. You can check which cycle you are in, on the invoice you had received from us previously.

If the cancellation done on phone you have to bring our devices (cable modem, mediabox, mediacard) to one of our shop or send it by postal service, which is free of charge. If you choose the postal service request a form from our colleague who will help you with the cancellation, because you need to show this form at the post office. If you don't return the device or devices we will debit it on the last invoice.

What does fixed-term contract mean in the UPC Magyarország?

In most cases, establishing a new contract happens with certain discounts from the one-off installation fees and the monthly prices of our packages. In return for the discounts we ask you to keep the contract alive for a certain period of time which is 12 or 24 months.
For example you can open a new contract for the Fiber Power 30 broadband package for 12 months where the monthly fee is 4490 HUF and the installation costs 1500 HUF, or the same service without taking fixed-term, would cost 10584 HUF monthly, and we would charge you 10566 HUF for the installation. In case you open a fixed-term contract, but meanwhile you decide to terminate it earlier, all (monthly and one-off) discounts addressed by the agreement that far should be charged as a one-off item on your account.

E.g. by using it just for 4 months:
10 584 – 4 490 = 6 094 HUF monthly discount 6 094 * 4 = 24 376 HUF discount from the beginning and
10 566 – 1 500 = 9 066 HUF discount from the installation fee, so that
24 376 + 9 066 = 33 442 HUF is the amount we charge as a penalty.

For avoiding this, we suggest that you may handover the contract to another person who can use it on the same place, or you can also ask for moving it to another place, where UPC cable system is available.

After the fixed-term contract expired we won't finish providing the services, and you can keep using them for an undefinite period, as long as you need it. After the fixed-term ended, we have the right to increase the monthly fees, if this happens we will notify you in the invoice, but we may also offer new discounts for another 12 or 24 months.

Is it possible to give my UPC cable service(s) to another person, if I move to a new address, where there is no UPC cable network?

You can give your UPC cable service contract to another person. Which is called transcription. To do this you and the new customer have to go to one of our shop and when you both present you can make the modification or call our customer service (1221), when you are both present at the phone from you calling us, so our colleague will help you with the change.

The name transcription fee is 2 032 HUF.

What should I need to know when I would like to move my UPC services?

In case of moving, you can ask for the relocation of your service(s) to any other Hungarian address where the UPC's cable network is available. If technical measurements confirm that our services are available at the new address, we will arrange an appointment with you and send our technician to the new apartment to activate your service(s) there, within 30 days. Another technician will disconnect the service(s) on the previous address where you don't have to be present because this operation happens outside of the apartment.

If you rent the place, then we kindly ask you to send/show us the official lease agreement. Every cable work inside the apartment (e.g. establishing a new cable access point by drilling a hole on the wall), requires a permission from the owner. Please, be sure that you take the UPC equipment(s) from your previous address, because we will provide the service(s) on the same device(s).

Moving has a one-off administration fee of 4  500 HUF which will be charged on the next invoice.

If the technician finds that the installation is technically impossible at your new place, then we officially inform you about the cancellation of moving and keep providing our services on the previous address.

What I need to know if I want to suspend my UPC services?

If you are away for more than one month, you can think about freezing your services.

You can ask for the suspension for each of the services you have for 1 to 6 months every year, even in more shorter periods, (for example: from the beginning of the year until the end of June or two months in the wintertime and other four later, etc.)

IP services will be suspended by remote, but the disconnection of TV service happens physically near to service address, outside of the apartment.
We restore the services automatically when the agreed period has expired or you can ask for it earlier, before it ends.

Suspension fees has limited monthly prices:

Digital TV 
1 590 HUF
Analog TV 264 HUF
Coaxial cable internet 1 240 HUF
VOIP 1 059 HUF
Mobile phone 490 HUF
Mobile internet 1 GB 496,06 HUF
Mobile internet 3 GB 754,09 HUF
Mobile internet 6 GB 992,12 HUF

You should know!
Please note that when your services have been suspended you will continue to be billed. We ask you to pay your bills on or before the payment due date shown on your bill so that you avoid a loss of some of your services later.

In case of TV services, we will charge 1460 HuF as a reconnection fee when the suspended period expires.

Suspending the services during your fixed-term contract extends it by the suspended period.

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